Detox Bath


jenosullivan_C2_20140819_0032Here is what I get asked a lot from people who need INTENSE WORKOUT OR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE PAIN RELIEF: I am notorious for doing workouts that literally wreck my body. I also get these super deep tissue massages from my sport’s therapist. If I don’t do what I am going to tell you, then I can hardly even move sometimes the pain is so intense. But EVERY TIME I DO THE BELOW DIRECTLY AFTER MY WORKOUT OR DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE I effectively remove the toxins that cause that intense pain and I can work out no problem the next day. It as if I never worked out the day before. Please do exactly as I say and YOU WILL BE WOWED! Go to the store and pick up 3-4 bags of Epsom Salt. EVERY TIME you do an intense workout or get a deep tissue massage, take a detox bath directly after (if you wait more than 6 hours you will have a harder time removing the toxins) before you take your actual shower. Go home, fill the tub with hot water, only deep enough to cover the tops of your thighs. Pour in 4 cups of Epsom Salt and add 10 drops of Melaleuca Oil and 10 drops of Panaway. Soak your legs first for 15 minutes. Top off a little more hot water. Then soak your torso, neck, and arms for another 15 minutes. I will sit under the water with my eyes closed and just my nose sticking out. My husband thinks I’m nuts but then he will do the same thing BECAUSE IT WORKS. Once you are done with the bath, take your normal shower. When you get out, apply either Panaway or Melaleuca oil directly on your sore areas, backs, thighs, triceps, neck. Whatever hurts. If you have sensitive skin cut it down with a carrier oil like Jojoba. Then put a towel on your bed and relax for a bit. Take deep breaths from the oils left on your hands. When I do a 50 mile bike ride I know I need to also plan time for my detox bath or else I will be super sorry for 3 days to come. I promise you, this will WOW you but you need to follow the directions to a tee. xo ~ Jen

This blog is run on 100% love for my sisters & brothers out there and their health so any and all referrals are GREATLY appreciated. Go to Young Living to purchase your starter kit today which includes the two oils mentioned in this post plus 9 other amazing ones! © and Jen O’Sullivan.

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