Energy ~ I want more of that please!

Energy is something I hear over and over again that people just need more of. We do way too much and then end up sitting on our couch in a slum… a literal fog of confusion as to what to do next. For me when I am overwhelmed with too much to do my mind and body with revolt and just sit there staring at the wall. Ha! I know you’ve been there, we all have. Here are my top 5 tips on how to gain more energy:

Kick your coffee! I know I know, but how, right? We are so addicted to the stuff, and it works! Technically coffee saps your energy. If you get fully off coffee your body will retrain itself how to get natural energy. No, you do not need it to wake up in the morning. The best way to wake up is to drink a glass of water (put 1-2 invigorating lemon oil drops in your glass) and if the sun is out, look up into the light. The sun as well as the H2O in water are both natural energy boosters.

Drink more water. At a minimum we need half our body weight in ounces of water. For instance, if you at 150lbs you need 75 ounces of water per day. This will alleviate a bunch of other issues. One being circulation. If you put a 1-2 drops of peppermint oil in your water it will increase your blood circulation and give you more energy. Don’t put too much. It is strong.

Eat Better Foods: WE all know this but how many of us fail over and over again. That burger is just too good. OK if you won’t become a health nut at least consider damage control. Fruits and veggies work as anti-oxidants. When we eat poorly our bodies get filled with TONS of oxidation. They are basically nutritional free radicals that wreak havoc on our whole body thus declining our energy and making us sad and depressed. Eating the good for you stuff like fruits and lots and lots of veggies brings armies of nutrients to fight the free radicals. SOOO the idea here is try to eat more anti-oxidants and oxidants. Build up a stronger army of defense. Eat a burger, then make sure you eat a HUGE salad. Eat some fries, then eat a bunch of blueberries for desert. Simple.

BREATH! Often times we forget to simple take deep breaths. What we ingest is crucial to our health, however what we breath and how we breath is also crucial to our health. When you watch a baby breath, their tummy goes up and down. When we breath, our chest raises up and down. That is a sign of us taking too short of breaths. Spend 5 minutes today on your back with your hands on your tummy and breath slowly in and out with as full a breath as you can and concentrate on your tummy expanding with your lungs rather than just the top part of your lungs. A good way to energize your 5 minutes of breath work is to put a few drops of lemon oil or citrus fresh oil or peppermint oil (or mix all three) into the palms of your hands, rub them together and take a deep breath over your cupped hands. Then rub the left over on your feet.

Use Essential Oils: The interesting thing about oils is that most all of them have a “wake up” and “alertness” about them that just simply using any oil will give you more energy. They all work at the cellular level creating a synergistic effect in your body. Because of this, be careful what you use at night time before bed as you will suffer insomnia if you use the wrong thing at night.

If you want more info on the oils I use please ask. There are so many out there and quite frankly there is only one worth buying. Sorry gals (and the amazing guys that read my blog) but that is just a fact. I have done a ton of research and testing on this stuff so don’t waste your money by buying something that is at the grocery store. For those of you who don’t have time to ask, or have no energy to ask, then take it from me, your “Health Hound Dog” and just order your kit of Essential Oils now. Here is a link to get you going: Young Living and if you need a little hand holding check out this on our Lemon Dropper site. Tons of info but this is a walk through on ordering. Let me know if you want to chat! I LOVE talking about this stuff.

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