Getting Started

Welcome and I am glad you made the first step to check out what a Temple Sweep is! A Temple Sweep is a sweep or clearing out of your body. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and our body is now God’s new Temple. Sadly we have let our Temples deteriorate more that we should so this is a great place to have accountability along with a doable cleaning plan. You’ll do great. I recommend you do not count calories on this plan. Going on a calorie/food tracker can be counter productive to some degree. You want to eat up and feel full off of the foods listed. I have some great, really satisfying recipes that you will be stuffed by. I want you to eat off the list for 7 days and don’t count calories. Start with a 7 day cycle and rotate cycles every other week with a cleaning and a maintenance. Please start your cycles on Monday with it being Day 1. Use the weekend to prepare, but please stop the habit of eating like a pig on the weekend and telling yourself on Monday you will start. That is a really defeatist habit. Start on Monday but if you are reading this on a different day, use the days leading up to Monday to prepare by cleaning out your fridge and cabinets and go shopping for healthy foods on the approved list.