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Part of the thing about cleaning out our Temple is the simple fact that it is not always what goes into us, but what surrounds us. Your environment can have a huge effect on our well-being. Take a quick look around your home to see what could be causing any illness in you and your family. Our home is where most of us spend at least half our time in. For some of us it can even be upwards of 80% of our time. There are multiple areas that can wreak havoc on our immune system. Some common areas to consider if you are constantly ill are:

  1. Air System: When was your furnace cleaned? This is a BIG one so get this checked ASAP. When did you last change your air filters? When did you last have your ducts cleaned? There is a great trick I do every 6 months (do this more often if you live in an area with poor air quality). Take a bottle of Purification oil or Thieves from Young Living and drip it all over a new intake filter. Run the air only and the oil will sanitize your ducts and will also sanitize the air in your entire home.
  2. Cleaning Products: You really need to think about ditching all those chemicals you use to clean with. Bleach and Ammonia are quite harmful to our bodies. I highly recommend finding a chemical free product to clean with. My absolute FAVORITE is from Young Living, their Thieves Cleaners are the best. I would spend twice as much at Target and I get 4 times the product and it is far better than anything I can buy at the local store. If you are interested in trying these cleaning products out (your kids can bathe in them they are that safe) please let me know and you can come borrow some or I can sign you up. Simple. (This blog is run on 100% love for my sisters out there and their health so any and all referrals for any products and services I recommend are GREATLY appreciated.)
  3. Laundry Detergent: We spend 8 hours sleeping on sheets that may be wrapping us in chemicals and the rest of the time in clothing washed in the same chemicals. Change to a chemical-free hypoallergenic detergent. My absolute fave is from Young Living.
  4. Mold: They say that most every home has mold somewhere. The trick is to find out if it is in a location that you are breathing the spores or it is affecting you in some way. Mold can often hide behind walls in areas you cannot see but will still affect the air you breath. The black mold is the most harmful and if you suspect mold at all, contact a specialist and leave your home immediately. This is serious stuff and it is more common than you may think.
  5. Smokers: If you smoke you don’t need me to tell you the harm you are doing to your Temple. However some of us live or work in areas where there are smokers nearby. If this is the case, try to manage your air quality as best as you can. Steer clear of the contaminated air and buy a room air filter that has an ionizer or better yet, run your essential oil cold-water diffuser throughout the day and night.
  6. Dust: Take a look around your home. Oddly many people who are generally clean, tend to overlook dusting. When you dust make sure you pick it all up rather than just swish it around.
  7. Carpet: Your carpet can be an area that is uber contaminated. Even if you get it cleaned often, the deep cleanings are not able to get down to the pad. This can be super frustrating as bacteria and other smelly things can be lurking in your carpet just waiting to get you sick. The next time you get your carpets cleaned ask them about sanitizers or hand them a bottle of Thieves cleaner to mix into their solution.
  8. Walls: This is the “skin” of your home. Have you ever cleaned your walls? Re-painting them is a good idea every 3-4 years but what about in between? Get a micro-fiber cloth and literally clean your walls once a year.

2 comments on “Your Home Temple Sweep

  1. Jenny Katcef

    The air filter is something that gets “swept under the rug” year after year. I have needed to clean the walls in my house for years…now I need to just do it! Thank you for the great, easy tips on a home temple sweep!

    • TempleSweep

      We did the wall cleaning this year and were SHOCKED at the amount of dust on the walls. It is really astonishing! Have fun!

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