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  1. TempleSweep

    Question from JJ: I’m a crunchy food snacker, so immediately after work and on weekends is tough. Any advice?

    Answer: I know the feeling. I am a “crunch” person too. One of my “cheats” to get through this craving are Rice Crisps from Trader Joes. I take 8 little chips (about a half a serving). They are so flavorful (lots of pepper) and so super crunchy. I eat them as a treat after dinner at 7. It is my last thing I allow myself to eat. They won’t upset your cleanse too much and I find that they really placate that desire for something crunchy.

  2. TempleSweep

    Question from RB: Is using a pea protein okay? I use the organic brand Orgain from Costco.

    Answer: Not for this diet because it is grain based. Rice is it’s base. Peas are also technically seeds and in the vegetable family are considered a starch so for this diet you should not eat peas. The shake mix you listed is a good one for after this week, but not for this diet. Hope that helps.

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