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Eating Out Options

Baja Fresh
Side of Grilled Fish or Side of Grilled Chicken or Side of Grilled Shrimp (or all three if you are starving!)
Make your own salad for only .50 cents!
Salad Ingredients:
Order a Side of Cabbage then add in salsa bar items on your own.
Good choices are one full small black side cup of: cilantro, pico de gallo, and salsa verde with two lime slices squeezed over the top.

Chicken or Fish Bowl, no rice, no beans, substitute steamed veggies.
Ask for the fish to be grilled and the veggies to have NO teriyaki sauce. Tell them you need it to be gluten free.

Flame Broiler
White Meet Chicken Bowl with Veggies only, no rice.

Daphne’s (a little more expensive, around $8)
Two Grilled Chicken Kabobs with two servings of veggies or one serving of veggies and one side salad with no feta and no dressing (bring your own or use lemon).



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