TIPS ~ Day 1


Remember to drink your water. It will help you feel full and it will clean you out. It will flush out your skin, hair, and nails, and it will flush out your colon. Water is a major part of what keeps our bowels in good working order.

You are welcome to eat Greek yogurt AND take probiotic supplements. Let’s clean out that system. Dr. Vrzal has said to knock out a cough or cold take 6 pills at a time. I have tried it and it works. You can’t overdose on probiotics just like you can’t overdose on veggies. HOWEVER, please note, if you have a messed up gut to begin with, you will want to start slow with probiotics. They can lead to heightened detox symptoms that won’t make you happy.

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  1. TempleSweep

    Day 1, 10:00am
    Right about now you should be starting to feel the effects of drinking lots of water. = Lots of pee. I encourage you to start strengthening you bladder by holding it for 15 minutes after you feel the need to go. Do not hold it any longer as we don’t want anyone getting UTIs but, 15 minutes is great to strengthen your bladder. For those of you who live with night urination (needing to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom) doing this exercise at least 2 times a day will actually aid in the process of eliminating night time urination.

  2. TempleSweep

    Dear Lord, Please protect these ladies as they embark on cleaning out their temple where you dwell! Holy Spirit, fill them with extra self control today and give them the supernatural ability to have victory over their cravings. Please allow them to use the extra clarity in their mind to focus on you and your will. Give them minds to seek out your will and live more boldly for You! I ask these things with the hope and assurance of an eternal body that will be perfect in every way made wholly to worship and serve you. What an honor and privilege! Amen.

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