TIPS ~ Day 2

Today you should start to feel more energized and the fog should be lifting from your brain, however you may be experiencing detox symptoms which is perfectly normal. Here are the TIPS for today:

What we ingest is crucial to our health, however what we breath and how we breath is also crucial to our health. When you watch a baby breath, their tummy goes up and down. When we breath, our chest raises up and down. That is a sign of us taking too short of breaths. Spend 5 minutes today on your back with your hands on your tummy and breath slowly in and out with as full a breath as you can and concentrate on your tummy expanding with your lungs rather than just the top part of your lungs. While doing this visualize the magnitude of our God and how gracious he is to allow us each and every breath. Give him praise during this time of breath worship.

Right about now some of you may start to feel detox symptoms. A full 24 hours of good eating has thrown your body into phytonutrient overdrive. You may have an all day headache. You may spike a fever for an hour or get cold symptoms. You may get a small rash that goes away within a day. Read below for the most common detox symptom, the headache, to see what remedies you can use.

If you experience a headache that lasts the whole day, consider what you used to eat. Did it contain a lot of caffeine? If it did, such as coffee or if you are a chocolate lover, you may need to detox for 2 days. Rather than taking Excedrin (which has tons of caffeine in it, so please don’t take any) I suggest you drink the juice of 6 apples. If you do not have a juicer then eat 6 apples over the day, one every 2 hours. If you have a migraine, take the day off. Drink more organic green tea (good natural caffeine without chemicals). Get healthy. Don’t give into the chemicals that are harming you more over the long run. Stick out the headache. It is your body healing itself! Go Temple Sweep!

At the end of the day I sometimes will have one section of dark chocolate. It is my way of saying “good job” and that one small section will not break your progress. Get anything over 60%. You don’t have to buy the super bitter kind but something that works for you. Dark chocolate has good antioxidants in it so one section is good. But only one. Don’t eat the whole bar and DO NOT eat this any other time than right at the end, after dinner. If you eat it early in the day, you will crave more all day long and will be more likely to cheat in other areas.

Do you have one yet? If not, please find someone that would like to do this with you. Text them every morning, or sometime early in the day or the night before and ask what you can pray for them about with this plan. PRAY FOR THEM OFTEN. Follow up again the next day and find out what they need prayer for the next day. This plan brings out daily change and challenges and everyone is different, so ask every day, and pray every day.

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