TIPS ~ Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of your TEMPLE SWEEP!

You should be feeling amazing today (unless you are detoxing from being a caffeine addict.) Otherwise, I would like you to think about the energy you have today. How could energy like this every day be to the benefit of God? How could you bless your family? How much more can you get done by not feeling sluggish? Can you read more of your Bible? Can you pray for a bit more time? Can you help a friend with errands?

Today you should also begin to experience much more clarity in your thinking and brain capacity, if you have not already. Think about this too. Pick up a book that usually is a “hard read” for you and see how your mind responds. Dig in a little deeper with a Bible Study you have been doing or start one. Remember this clarity as it will also help you consider why keeping your Temple clean important to your sanctification process.

Are you getting at least 15 minutes a day of exercise? Go on a gratitude walk today. Control your thoughts by thanking God for one thing after another with each step. If your mind tends to wander, mumble them out loud. Learn to have self control over your mind. Doing a gratitude walk will help with this. It is invigorating too!

Don’t slack on this one. Keep up your water consumption. If you have not done so, do a flush today by drinking 32 oz. of Green Tea too.


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