TIPS ~ Day 5

OK, so it is Friday, Day 5. Amazing! But then again, it is FRIDAY! Often times we go out to dinner with the family. Tomorrow you may be going to a party or gathering. I have included some ways to guard yourself over the weekend but also how to give yourself a little slack. Happy Friday!

One of the best ways to sabotage yourself on this plan is to not have the right foods available for you to eat. By Day 5 you may have run out of some items, like Greek yogurt or eggs or chilled green tea. When you get hungry and there is nothing there for you, I promise, you will give up and give in. Hunger is one of the strongest desires for us because it is directly related to our ability to thrive and live. When you are famished, you will eat anything. That will start a downward spiral. Be prepared, go shopping, stock up. When you get low on things, make time to get the foods you need.

I wanted to let you know about “cheats.” Sometimes we start a diet plan that lines up with a party or something that would otherwise make it hard on that specific day to keep to your diet. Allow yourself some wiggle room here. It is OK to go off the diet for that one meal (not the whole day) and consider your portion size. So, just because you are allowing a “cheat” day does not mean you should have a double portion of cake. Take a smaller size piece and limit your portions of gluten and other fatty or starchy foods to smaller portions as well. It you go over board you will most likely get a stomach ache or have other symptoms that are not fun.

Sometimes doing everything all at once is hard. So if you find yourself on Day 5 not really following the Temple Sweep Program, consider choosing only one item that you always are tempted by. For me it is desert and ice cream. I go on a long bike ride and come home feeling like I deserve it somehow. That has to stop. For you, what is your thing that “has to stop.” Maybe it is gluten. Maybe it is coffee. Consider if the full SWEEP is too hard right now, do a 7 day TEMPLE SWEEP MORATORIUM. Choose one item that you are going to kill, eliminate, get rid of for 7 days. Because your TEMPLE includes your brain, maybe choose one thing that is for your mind and one for your body. Here are some examples:

Give up one of the following for 7 days:

  • TV
  • Facebook
  • Video Games (I do this with Jacob every so often)
  • Internet (mindless browsing)
  • Novels and Entertainment Reading Material (Magazines and Books not pertaining to Scripture)

Replace the time spent on reading the Book of Revelation or the all of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, or other Scriptures. Consider, you can read the entire Bible cover to cover in only 40 hours. If you are watching TV 2 hours a day you could read the entire Bible in only 4 weeks!

Give up one of the following for 7 days:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Grains
  • Dairy (all forms)
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Anything that is becoming a vice or that you may be addicted to. Did you know that both dairy (casein) and wheat (gluten) are highly addictive? When you go off them you will have drug-like detox symptoms. Wild!

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