TIPS ~ Day 6

You are almost there! Just two days left. You can do this! If you have been struggling, then make these last two days count! I know this has been hard but remember, anything in life that is hard is usually worth it!

The weekend is usually filled with events, parties, special occasions, or just a simple night out to dinner. Don’t let this deter you. You can always find plenty of healthy choices and if not, go to the party or event on a partially full stomach. Eat a full meal before you go so you are not tempted by hunger to eat everything at the party. It is OK to eat some things not on the list, but if you eat too much or go overboard you will move back a step. If you just cheat a little, you won’t lose any weight today. But if you over-indulge don’t be surprised if you gain back some of the pounds you worked so hard this week to loose. Be careful. Again, the best advice is to go to a party or even out to dinner on a full stomach, then just order something small like a side dish or pick and choose small portions.

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