Where did all this cellulite come from???


If you can, just drink water and herbal teas. Pretty much everything else is bad for you. DO NOT DRINK SODA and definitely DO NOT DRINK DIET SODA. For all you Diet Coke drinkers I can guarantee you have an enormous amount of cellulite that you just can’t figure out where you got it. Aspartame = Cellulite. For all you wind drinkers out there: you are kidding yourself if you think a glass of wine is good for you. You can get your antioxidants and heart healthy nutrition from other sources like berries rather than justify drinking alcohol full of sugar (bad for you carbs) with only a small amount of good for you anything. Same thing as eating dark chocolate is good for you. Sure, if you eat the purest form of dark chocolate but then it really does not taste good so why bother.

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