Why I ONLY use Young Living

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.29.57 PMI love oils and they are a large part of my every day routine. My friends and family call me the “hound dog” of products. I am so super thrifty that my goal is always to find the most economical way to keep my family healthy. Essential Oils can literally replace everything in your medicine cabinet. The issue is always which EO should you use? There are SOOOOOOO many EO companies out there and some claim this and other claim that. Some bash others while others over price just to look like they are better while they are selling an inferior product (tricky right? happens all the time). There are lots of great companies out there but it is important to find one that you can rely on and can be certain the quality is top therapeutic grade essential oil. I have used many but the one I love the most is Young Living. The simple reason is threefold. First, their oils are of the highest quality. They use first distillation process on the majority of their oils while most use complete. Complete is cheaper and the therapeutic qualities are far lessened in a complete distillation process. Second, they are not the most expensive and are not the least expensive. You get what you pay for but often some that are way over priced I have found do this as a marketing tactic to mentally “sell” you that they are better. If you research these oils just slightly under the skin (pun intended) then you will find out they are usually great smelling, higher priced, complete distilled oils. Not good! And third, Young Living has a great community of support. If you know nothing about oils or are an avid user, you will always find new ways to use your oils to yours and your family’s health benefit. If you want more info, just ask, I’d love to share how I use oils. You can also go to the Young Living site and simply sign up. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit as it will give you the best bang for your buck. If you want to help a sister out please use my member number as your Sponsor ID and Enroller ID. 946916 (This blog is run on 100% love for my sisters out there and their health so any and all referrals for any products and services I recommend are GREATLY appreciated.)

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