Our walk with God is essential and paramount to all others areas in our lives however heath is a key component of that sanctification. You won’t be able to study the Word and memorize it well if your brain is foggy because of a poor diet. Realistically if you are more than 20-30 lbs over weight or have poor cardio ability, God is limited in what things he can have you do in service to him. Of course you will be used, but think of the things you may not be used for because you would not physically be able to. I know people who would never sign up for a missions trip because they would not be able to walk as much as is needed. Or others who can’t go on retreats because they are too over weight to share a bed or are on breathing machines that would disturb the room and would probably be fixed if they lost the extra weight. Not only are you missing out on witnessing opportunities but also ones that would bless you as well.

If you are overweight, have a poor cardio ability, are eating the wrong foods that make you foggy, or just want to “tighten the ship” then I encourage you to get on board with our Temple Sweep. Your body is where the Holy Spirit dwells and quite frankly our temples are a mess. Deplorable, really. And even if you are thin, you are not off the hook here. I would say I am pretty much at my “goal weight” but my brain gets so foggy sometimes with the bad food choices I make. I see a HUGE difference in my ability to concentrate and understand God’s Word when I eat clean. I also have WAY more energy and eagerness to go out and share the gospel. The days I eat poorly are the days I want to stay inside and do nothing. That is a big FAIL on your ability to do your job correctly. We are called to be ambassadors and sitting inside all day does nothing to promote the gospel. I am guilty of this sin (I call it a sin, because in reality what I eat can cause me to sin) and I want to do better. I want to honor and love God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength! (Mark 12:30). And let’s face it ladies, if you are over weight and are not married, you will feel way better about dating if you loose those LBs and if you are married, you better believer your husband will be blessed and honored with a skinnier you. Just sayin’. ;)

Are you ready to get started! If so, I don’t want you to do this alone. I want you to agree to accountability and find someone you can do this Sweep with. We will all mess up and none of us are perfect, but there is a reason doing things together helps us stick to it. Start by committing to just 7 days. Anyone can do anything for 7 days. You can do this! I am excited and hope to see your comments and questions on the posts as you work through your 7 days to a cleaner Temple!